Live with less?

Is it even possible?

As I told you in my last post, I am trying to get my shit together.

It all started with this document  – The Minimalism

I don`t want to say I want to become a minimalist. I don`t even know for now how to become one, actually. There are different reading to its rules. I think everybody just bent it to themselves as they see it fit. But I think it is quite alright. We should do that with all things. For example a religion.

However, I started with Project 333.

Project 333 is having 33 pieces in your wardrobe and use just them for 3 months.

I do not count my underwear, my pyjamas, and clothes for yoga and shoes. But the rest is included.

I was so surprised that it was so easy to pick them! I thought I will struggle, that I will have to think hard to pick. But I just picked my favorite things and that was it. I have 33 things for 3 months now. I counted 36 original combinations of them. So I really doubt somebody would notice I wear just 33 clothes, right?

I found out that I really don`t wear a lot of stuff so I gave some for free. The woman who asked for it gave me a very nice chocolate with thank you note and I offered it to my new colleagues at work to break the ice between us and it was great! It did more good than having the clothes still hanging in my closet!

I am doing my second week now, so we`ll see how it goes.

Of course, I will change the pieces for summer after the three months.

The next thing I pushed myself to do is yoga classes. I go almost every day. I have just one day at week without yoga. I have a lot of reminders in my phone to not forget clothes and to go to the actual class, lol.

Výsledek obrázku pro yoga

BTW I cannot move right now. I did power yoga yesterday and my arms, shoulders, back, sides and legs hurt as hell, lol.

I think more about what I buy. The shops with clothes and Ikea and some sort similar sort of things aren`t exciting for me so far. I hope it will last. But I also think more about food I am buying. If I really eat it in time to not throwing it away without a use. I don`t mind to let some bread to get hard as I could feed the swans but the rest must be eaten!

Still, I was feeling quite dull, anyway… Even after all those things, I`ve changed. I knew there`s one more thing which probably doesn`t make me happy…

We had a fight. A first one that serious. I didn`t let go this time. We did not speak for the whole weekend.

And it was decided then.

I packed his things and asked for a meeting next week to talk and give him his things.

Wish me luck.

I feel better and I hope this decision will help me feel better as well.

And don`t worry. I will soon write a new chapter:D

Please, fingers crossed. I need it.

Love ya all,


PS.: Have you ever tried Project 333? Tell me about it!

PS2.: I just bought a flight ticket to Stockholm. Anyone living here? I will need a guide lol. And yeah, I am going alone. Gosh. See ya in April!


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