A new year is already coming…

…how was your old one?

This is the time when everybody thinks of the past year and what goals he was able to achieve and what happened and what should happen differently.

Most people hope the upcoming year must be better than the previous one. That they will do everything better.

But what if the year 2016 wasn`t bad as we thought?

I decided to go through my year and think if I am just never satisfied or the past year was really that bad.

The start of the year 2016 wasn`t actually that good. I had quite a bad fight with my boyfriend back then, we even spoke about breaking up.

I have to say I don`t remember well the first few months. I was in a relationship, work was still the same and most of my free time I was writing The Elvenking series. It was a quite calm time I needed.

I think, relationships and work or school is a big part of our lives.

We broke up in June and I found ut that with that came also the problem of living in the same flat. I had to move out. I hate this. I never saw it fair and I wish to have my own home. And One time I`m going to have one!

Anyway, to break up is never an easy option and it hurts. But on the other side…I discovered the power of my friends. They helped me to go through this and I had a great summer despite the fact that I had to move.

I met someone else then. Someone with who the relationship is not easy. But he pushed me to think differently and to change some things in my life. To be braver.

I decided to leave my work, find another job with better money and better future. I also found the time and money to travel a little bit.

I didn`t leave the company but I`ve got a great opportunity I wrote about in the previous article.

If I wasn`t decided to leave, it would never happen.

I can`t forget about my writings. I came to know a few readers and I am forever grateful that out there is someone who like what I write and that I have new friends thanks to it.

So, I think I achieved some things.

What about you?

Do you think your year 21016 was good or bad?


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