Work, Work, Work

I am sure that I mentioned it several times already  – I work in IT.

What does it mean? It means that I test a software and support a customer during these test phases and help him to get the software without bugs.

I think before I start to write what I really wanted to say about the work lately, it would be nice to share with you how I even became an IT.

I don`t have any kind of university degree. I studied gymnasium which is like a regular high school with no special branch or domain for future work. It is suitable for those who want to go to the university afterward. I didn`t go. because we didn`t have the money.

However, I somehow decided it would be cool to move to the capital city – Prague and get a job.

I moved there like six years ago after I graduated with basically nothing. Oh, I remember I`ve got one bed and one red-ish armchair. Also, my dog, Zuzana, followed me.

And there started my career, lol.

I became a bartender in a smoothie bar, I became a seller of and energy and utilities, I became a receptionist several times in different companies. My last job was being a receptionist in an IT firm. I had a couple of friends there who challenged me to try some testing.

My boss was pain in the ass and I decided, after two years, to leave this company and try to become an IT. I Studied from book – Software Testing from R. Pattison and went for an interview to the company I work for nowadays.

As you could already get – I got the job. I came with literally nothing, I just tried to get there and read some material about the future job and they gave me the opportunity.

I am here for three and half years already. You can see – it can be done if you want.

However – what I wanted to say is this:

I wanted to leave even this company and move on, learn some new things, try another process, another place.

But I stayed because I heard that someone from a completely different project in our company, needs help. They need Test Manager.

I was like woooow, I wanted to become a Test Manager one day! It would be the peak of my career! I have to try it!

It`s like one level higher from the point of administration and like 3-4 years from the point of my skills. I would skip 3-4 years!

So I agreed I will do it. They think I can do it. They think I know what I am going to do and how to do it.

I know a holy shit.

I feel like this:


I am panicking right now, trying to google whatever I can about this work and find any information it could help me how to proceed it.

For better picture:

Test manager has to plan the tests, come up what to test, how, when, with what, what is risky, what is not risky, what he will need for it, manage testers and tell them what to do, and in the end he is the one who will say: it is okay, you can release it to the customer. If it`s not okay, then he will be the one who will be killed first.

I was the tester till now. I was the one who was told what to do and how and when.

So, here I am, with a bunch of people who are like leaders, managers for like seven or more years and pretending I can do it.

Well, it will be fun.

Wish me luck.

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