Home, sweet home

Yes, this is a picture of London.

No, I don`t live there.

I live in Prague, Czech Republic. But I visited London for a weekend. It was nice, crowdy and insane at the same time.

I have to admit, that I`ve never got the craziness about London. Why everybody wants to go there, to live there.

I also have to admit that it is a really nice city. I loved the houses and the nice cooperation of the old architecture and the new one in a not raping sense of word.

Even the famous rainy weather met me the day I was leaving the earliest. Until then we had the sun and almost no clouds. Just the perfect weather for a weekend trip and wandering in the city center.

What almost killed from the very beginning was the time spent in the public transport. Don`t get me wrong, I love the double deckers like anybody else but the underground? Oh, gosh!

Yup, Prague is not a small city at all but we are spoiled by a spacious metro and not so big crowds. At least during the not so busy hours.

We were accommodated in Ealing Common via AirBnB and it took like 40 minutes to get to the center. It`s not that bad, but the idea I would live even further from the city and have to travel more than an hour to and from work would kill me. Definitely.

But you know, that`s London. It`s a busy city.

So, we saw all the important sightseeings. We dined in nice restaurants. Just the proper weekend trip.

Until we were about to leave.

We had luggage on Victoria Station for the whole afternoon so we wouldn`t have to drag them along in the city. There was a rush because we needed to catch the train from London Bridge to the airport which was scheduled at 8.04pm. Honestly, try to run with a luggage with two wheels which has like 11kg. It almost broke my arm when it stuck in the sidewalk, lol.

However, we made it to the London Bridge station, we found the particular train ready on the platform. We even managed to be in the first row at the door, waiting to be let in.

It was like 8.10pm and the train was still closed, lights off…And then we heard from the loud speaker that there is nobody available to drive the train so it was canceled.

WTF, there is no one to drive the train???

It took like another five minutes until the reality soaked in. We tried to catch the train which should go from another platform at 8.15pm.


Okay, then we can take the train at 8.32pm? It was a certain run on the airport but we still could make it.


10 minutes.

20 minutes.

Holly fuck, we won`t make it.

Did I mention that online check-in wasn`t possible for Smartwings?

30 minutes.

Shall we take Uber? It would take a long time as well. Let`s wait and hope.

40 minutes.

Okay, you`ll run first with my luggage and check it in. I will catch you. Then we will have to super run to catch the flight.

50 minutes.

Okay, the check-in is probably closing in a while.

The train arrived!

And even turtle would be faster than that! Check-in is closing.

But we still have a hope that we somehow will make it. The train stops at the airport and we are running. My bf ran first. I lost my breath after one minute. And of course lost him from my sight. Just perfect. What if I get lost?

Well, I didn`t. I found him in the „check-in area“ all alone. It was too late. We tried to convince some lady to call to the gate where our plane was boarding but they refused to wait for us.

And because it was with smartwings, we didn`t have the chance to re-book the tickets. We had to sit down and figure out what we`re gonna do. After another hour we decided to just book another flight ticket for the other day. The option to go to Berlin and then to Prague by bus for five hours was unimaginable. So we booked the tickets to Prague.

We were also lucky enough to find kinda cheap hotel close to the airport and we didn`t have to spend the night at the airport. Fortunately.

The second day, the day we were supposed to be home already, we managed to check in, board and fly. Yaaay.

The fact, that we couldn`t land for like 15-20 minutes because of the strong fog is not important, right? We were, at least, above the Prague! yaaay:D

And what is the result of all of this?

I found out that even though we are a small country and Prague is smaller than London and we are not a rich nation, we still have one of the most beautiful, clean, modern public transport you can rely on.

Wherever I have been I was surprised that we have such luxury at home and don`t see it. I can appreciate it now.

God bless Prague.

Here are some pics (sorry for the quality)

Buckingham palace
Hyde Park
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
Big Ben
my poor girl, waiting for me the night I should return originally


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